Our clients find it helpful to understand the five efficient uses of money.

When you earn a dollar or are given a dollar, you can:

  • Give it away

  • Spend it on your living expenses

  • Spend it on taxes

  • Spend it paying off debt

  • Save it

Our process helps our clients:

  • Increase their standard of giving over the course of stewarding their lives

  • Monitor and regulate their standard of living so they spend less than they earn

  • Avoid paying unnecessary taxes

  • Eliminate bad debt first, then good debt in the most strategic manner

  • Prudently save, invest, and grow their earnings or gifts over their lives

As a full service advisory firm, we do more than advise and get paid by our clients for managing their money. We work hard to develop comprehensive life stewardship plans tailored specifically to the values-driven goals of our clients. We often find ourselves working with our clients’ other advisors — their accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, and insurance agents. Most often we end up serving as the quarterback to the advisory teams of our clients.

Many clients express their wish that they had found us much earlier in their life stewardship journey. Perhaps they would have made fewer mistakes along the way.

We at BRS believe stewardship is about relationships. Careers, reputation, financial stability, and personal goals are all important pursuits. However, none should come above our relationships with family, friends, and our community. Our relationships are the cornerstone by which we leave a positive impact and lasting legacy.

Put Relationships First