Ancient wisdom tells us that a prudent steward sees danger and takes refuge, but the unwise ignore it and suffer for it.

Seeing potential dangers and taking refuge is at the heart of effective risk management and mitigation. At BRS, we are passionate about helping our clients avoid unnecessary risks.

We apply help our clients avoid:

Unnecessary taxes on:

1.  Capital gains

2.  Estate

3.  Gifts

4.  Income

Unnecessary market risk from:

1.  Debt crisis

2.  Global events

3.  Natural disasters

4.  Recession/Depression

Unexpected, premature life events due to the four deadly “Ds”:

1.  Divorce

2.  Disability

3.  Disease

4.  Death

Unnecessary asset class risk to creditors and predators creating:

1.  Judgments

2.  Lawsuits

3.  Louse spouses

4.  Unprotected assets

We work with our clients and very often with their other advisors and consultants, such as their tax attorneys or accountants, their insurance agents and financial advisors, to help ensure that all risks have been assessed, reviewed, and mitigated to the maximum extent possible.

We call this kind of comprehensive, integrated planning the “Ultimate Dress Rehearsal.” Watch this video to understand more about it:


We at BRS believe stewardship is about relationships. Careers, reputation, financial stability, and personal goals are all important pursuits. However, none should come above our relationships with family, friends, and our community. Our relationships are the cornerstone by which we leave a positive impact and lasting legacy.

Put Relationships First