The conceptual framework and methodology we employ distinguishes us from other firms in the wealth management and endowment consulting fields. Our unique approach to comprehensive life stewardship through integrated economic planning leads to leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

The Tax Control Savings Plan

Our Tax Control Savings Plan is the first component of our unique approach to financial planning. It is a road map we use to help our clients accomplish their retirement savings goals.

Step 1: Organize Earnings into Your Savings Buckets

Earnings and gifts go into this savings bucket on an after-tax basis and when they come out they are tax free, assuming execution of proper planning.
Earnings and gifts go into this savings bucket on an after-tax basis and when they come out they are taxed as dividends, interests, short term capital gains or long term capital gains.
Earnings go into this savings bucket on a pre-tax basis. Taxes on growth are deferred. When the funds are withdrawn, taxes are incurred at ordinary income tax rates.

Step 2: Avoid Unnecessary Risks to Achieving Retirement

Losses due to unnecessary taxes on long and short-term capital gains, estate, gifts and regular income.
Losses in principal due to debt crises, global events, natural disasters and recessions that cause market drops.
Losses due to unexpected life events such as premature death, disability, disease or divorce.

Reaching Critical Stewardship Mass

CSM is the point in time when you have converted enough earnings into savings sufficient to fund your living expenses through death. It does not focus on net worth or saving enough to spend at your highest three years of earnings.

Point A

This depicts the first surplus dollar you earn - money above and beyond your expenses. Here we assist you with controlling your earnings & investments and prevent unnecessary loss to taxes with the Tax Control Savings Plan.

Point B

This is the point in time when you reach Stewardship Freedom - which we refer to as Critical Stewardship Mass (CSM) and Rehirement.

Point C

This represents life expectancy. From Point B, we assist you in managing and distributing your accumulated wealth in a manner that makes the most efficient use of your after-tax, tax-deferred and tax-free dollars through death.