We integrate risk management assessment into a comprehensive life stewardship plan.

Two of the central tenets of our planning process are diversified construction of each client’s savings portfolio with risk management.

We believe that thinking and acting for the long-term is absolutely essential, and it is at the heart of our client service and savings portfolio stewardship process.

We expend considerable energy and time with our clients to help them transform their anxieties and fears into trust-driven behaviors and decision-making with their investments and savings. If we can help them think long term in their goals and develop the discipline of utilizing “time arbitrage” and wise risk management to their advantage, we believe we have served our clients well.


Our planning process and the software we use encompasses all of this. To see more, watch this video:


With a constant focus on risk management integrated with life stewardship goals, we consistently help our clients balance shifting short-term fears with longer-term needs and objectives. This helps our clients develop the discipline to stay on track and committed to their plans.

Clients who practice BRS’s planning fundamentals find that they have greater success in reaching their goals than those who act on their emotions or make frequent changes based on current events of the day and shifting tides in the markets.

We help our clients consistently integrate risk management with their planning goals. We have designed a savings, investment, and risk management approach that allows our clients to focus and leverage on the long-term, without allowing volatility and the inevitable drops and rises in the markets to interfere with our clients’ decision-making processes.

We at BRS believe stewardship is about relationships. Careers, reputation, financial stability, and personal goals are all important pursuits. However, none should come above our relationships with family, friends, and our community. Our relationships are the cornerstone by which we leave a positive impact and lasting legacy.

Put Relationships First